For fans of fruit and nut milk chocolate who have a dairy allergy, are lactose intolerance or follow a gluten free or vegan diet this dairy free Cranberry and Hazlenut Chocolate Bar really is a dream come true. This large fruit & nut bar is made with Moo Free's award winning, organic, dairy free rice milk chocolate topped with delicious, juicy, organic cranberries and hazelnuts.


Ingredients: Organic cocoa (organic cocoa butter. organic cocoa mass) organic raw cane sugar organic rice powder [16%] (organic dried rice syrup. organic rice starch. organic rice flour) cranberries [10%] (cranberries. apple juice. sunflower oil) HAZELNUTS [10%] emulsifier (organic sunflower lecithin) natural flavouring 80% of the agricultural ingredients are produced in accordance with the rules of organic production Minimum cocoa content 36%.

Contains hazelnuts.

Moo Free Cranberry & Hazelnut Chocolate Bar 100g