Yummy smooth white chocolate buttons filled with colourful mini Smarties sweets.

Ingredients: Sugar Skimmed Milk Powder Cocoa Butter Butterfat (from Milk) Lactose and Proteins from Whey (from Milk) Whey Powder (from Milk) Vegetable Fats (Mango Kernel Palm Sal Shea) Cocoa Mass Fat-Reduced Cocoa Powder Wheat Flour Rice Starch Dried Whole Milk Emulsifier (Sunflower Lecithin) Fruit and Vegetable Concentrates (Safflower Radish Black Carrot Lemon Hibiscus Grape Blackcurrant) Spirulina Concentrate Glazing Agents (Carnauba Wax Beeswax White Gum Arabic Shellac) Natural Flavourings Colours (Red Beet Curcumin Beta-Carotene) Barley Malt Extract White Chocolate contains Vegetable Fat in addition to Cocoa Butter

Smarties White Chocolate Buttons Pouch